April 19, 2020

So say it


All of us have to have difficult conversations some times. The contractual ones, the financial ones, the disciplinary ones, the he said she said ones. There are two ways to go, around about the houses or through the front door.

Around the houses, we kinda sorta reverse into the danger area. Never quite explicit, hedging here and there, hoping hoping hoping that they know what you’re saying exactly as you’re not saying it. You might feel less bad about bringing it up, but you’re probably going to have to do it again.

Through the front door, we talk about it head on. That doesn’t mean being brutal, it doesn’t mean failing to think about word choice and positioning. It does mean being direct. Human, but direct.

Either way, only when everyone knows where they stand can we do something about it.

Skippy strategy: You’re going to have to say it, so say it.