November 12, 2017

Some honed, some fuzzy


Your business is its processes.

The ways you respond to customer requests, the way you deal with variances, the way you order things and arrange shipping, your meetings and reports, proposals and production, budgeting and hiring and firing and strategising. Everything you do is a process – some honed, some fuzzy. All a series of actions that take you from a pile of work to be done, to a pile of work that’s been done.

To improve your business, to weave greater efficiency or effectiveness into your business, to make it better at any of the things that it does – from building the smallest widget to the winning and delivering the biggest contract – means improving the processes, means learning how to make them repeatable, means making them cost less and deliver more.

Your business it its processes.

Skippy strategy: Focus on the process, make it repeatable, squeeze in your smarts.