January 2, 2022

Somebody else


When something doesn’t happen in the team, something that was discussed (although, maybe only kinda), something that was agreed (although, maybe only kinda), something that was supposed to be done by now (although, was it now, or was it next month, or last?), it’s likely that no one took responsibility and nobody cared enough anyway.

It’s clear you didn’t, because, well, obviously, if you had, it, um, would have happened. Right? You didn’t agree, did you? You sure?

Lots of things seem like they might be good ideas. Lots of things kinda-sorta seem like good ideas as long as they’re somebody else’s responsibility and somebody else has to do something about them. And lots of things, we just nod through without paying much attention because, well, they don’t deserve much attention.

And that’s how you breed a culture that doesn’t care.

Skippy strategy: Agree to less, get more things done better.