October 8, 2021

Something extra


You have your way of working, it works for you, you produce brilliant results. You enjoy a certain amount of success and you’re happy with the way things go.

The customer comes along and they love your work, they love the results you promise but, to commit, they need something extra, let’s say it’s documentation – which is absolutely not your thing.

It’s choice time.

They have to choose whether documentation is mandatory, whether they value it more than their desire to say Yes.

You have to choose whether your way of working, your looseness around documentation, is worth more to you than the customer.

Focusing on you, you can jump up and down and shout in the wind all you want. What you can’t do is force them to work your way. Don’t waste energy. Make your choice and move on.

Skippy strategy: Something extra. Or not. It’s a choice.