October 21, 2019

Sort it out


When it goes bad, you have to sort it out.

Doesn’t matter if you were to blame, personally or corporately. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t. What matters is getting, as soon as possible, to a resolution. Not necessarily to a place where everyone is happy – that might not be any kind of option – but at least to the place were everyone knows that what could be done, was done. Where the situation has been dealt with, and we can all get on with whatever comes next.

Sometimes that’s expensive. Deal with it. Deal with it today, get to a resolution, sort it out later. Otherwise, we might be staring into the hole for quite a while. Otherwise, good will is ebbing away, management attention is drifting from all the important stuff and we still have to sort out the mess anyway.

Skippy strategy: Sort it out first. Sort out responsibilities later.