October 17, 2019

Sparks and collisions


The marketer’s role is to take actions that create, build, develop and maintain a market. In practice, it’s all about the front end.

Accepting that it’s action oriented, most marketers are fine with the building, developing and maintaining parts. They work on branding and promoting, they sweat the pricing and positioning, they squeeze their juices into gaining sales and point of market share. It’s about what we can sell.

Is it? A rarer marketer is interested in the back end, where the product gets created by sparks and collisions and by synthesising notions into ideas into matter. The rare ones meet customers, watch and learn how they do what they do and see where they’re pushing and poking their way around obstacles.

At the back end, it’s not about what we can sell, it’s about what do they need.

Skippy strategy: Building products and markets is founded in the back.