February 27, 2018

Spend my time


We’re so busy doing what we’re doing, working on the things we know to work on, and how to work on, that it can all be a little bit auto-pilot. Unthinking repetition of known, successful-enough patterns.

If we’re feeling defensive about them … they got us this far, didn’t they.

But if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable about them … they’ve only got us this far.

And if we’re feeling expansive about them … maybe there’s a better way to spend my time. A smarter way that doesn’t rely on received patterns, but that’s more productive, uses leverage to multiply the effect, makes better use of the same time and puts progress ahead of comfort-zone.

Don’t immediately jump into doing the thing you always do in this situation. First look for a more impactful way to achieve the same/better result.

Skippy strategy: Is there a better way to spend my time?