October 15, 2016

Sports massage

Down hill

The thing about sports massage … it hurts.

It’s a kind of exquisite pain. Nice and nasty. You know it’s doing you good, if actually feels like it’s doing you good, and it hurts. Sometimes a lot. But the benefits tomorrow outweigh the pain today.

It’s remedial and preventative. Sorts out some problems and heads off some others.

It’s good.

The other thing about sports massage … it’s easy not to do.

You can get by without it, run through a niggle here and some discomfort there, go easy for a week or six, convince yourself that everything will be ok, give yourself a break. No one’s on your back, no one makes you go.

It’s a choice … do the things you know you should, even if they’re tough, or take the easier path, knowing it’s a loser in the end?

Skippy strategy: Do the things you know to do.