January 29, 2024

Squeeze pegs


There’s a temptation to get the deal done at all costs. To compromise on cost, to push out the boat on delivery, to promise more, to squeeze square pegs through round holes – whatever it takes to do the deal.

Whilst it gets signatures on papers, what you’re really doing … setting yourselves up for disappointment. Which sucks the life (cash, energy, engagement, joy) out of your side and, at best, stops your customer spinning-up their positive word-of-mouth machine.

The only possible upside? Another lesson learned (even if it’s the hard way).

Next time you’ll work the smarter way: a deal, yes, but not at all costs. Negotiate – but not beyond reasonableness. Push out the boat – but not so far from sight of solid ground. Push pegs – but not into new shapes.

We are what we are. If that’s not good enough, so be it.

Skippy strategy: We are what we are.