May 4, 2017

Stay light


Some people like to fight over every step, making everything more difficult than it needs to be. Weighing down life.

They make every move into a slog. Negotiations take longer, jobs drag out, meeting take weeks to arrange and nothing happens on the other side of them. It’s life lived in the mud off the edge of the verge on the side of the slow lane. Yeagh!

Some people like to kick on. They grab a task and push it through. They take responsibility, try to meet minds in the broad band in the middle of the centre ground. Not trying to win every exchange. Nudging things along to a happy and quick conclusion where everyone can get on with the real work.

The thing is … the quick, kicking-on, progressive way … is the winning way. Any loss on one hand is mightily outweighed in the other.

Skippy strategy: Stay light.