November 7, 2020

Step away

Lobster Pot

We want to win every argument. We know our facts, we believe in our position and we feel righteous. Even when we’re wrong, we feel right. And when we are right, and when the evidence stacks up on our side of the dispute, we feel even more right. Forthright in our rightness.

And then we have to ask, so what?

There are many battles we don’t have to win, many fights we don’t have to engage in. They can be distracting, time consuming, a waste of energy, a loss of focus, an absolute pain from beginning to the bottom of the can.

Almost every time: state your position, be clear in your conviction, and then step away from the fray and find a way to move on with honour and grace. Put your attention where it should be … on the next opportunity.

Skippy strategy: Step away from the fight.