November 19, 2021

Stop guessing


You can’t know. The best you can do is ask a direct question and hope they give you a direct and honest answer, but even then you can’t know what’s going on inside their heads. They’ll be balancing all kinds of vested interests, second and subsidiary agenda points, probably some internal politicking, personal emotional capital, fear of the unknown, fear of missing out, a better view of their bank balance, some unsaid and barely verbalised truths about the current state of play, and a bunch of other factors they don’t even know they don’t know are also in play.

In other words, second guessing what’s happening – even with a healthy dose of honesty between parties – is a losing game.

The best you can do is work out your own position and present in the best and clearest way you can. And stop guessing.

Skippy strategy: Stand on your own ground.