June 17, 2016

Structural dead end

Dead end

There’s an almost endless list of strategies and techniques designed to pull things together and sort out the kind of structural issues that hold organisations back.

A motivated manager will work some things out for themselves, co-opt whatever help they can get their hands on, read the books and apply the tactics. They’ll pull together working parties, hold a hurricane of brainstorms, and deal with the ensuing deluge of politics, vested interests and self-justifications. Some people may … leave.

Sometimes it works. Let’s be generous and say most times it works. The clouds clear and the sun beats down on the fertile soil.


Not always.

Sometimes … despite energy and excellence … here we are again … the date changed, but not much else.

What then?

Option One: dig in.

Option Two: accept the structural issues are bigger than the will to fix them and find something better to do with your time.

Skippy strategy: Either way, deal with reality.