March 11, 2019

Stubbornly square


I suppose it’s always possible to prod and poke and shave and reshape until you get that irritatingly round peg in that stubbornly square hole. Retraining the person or repurposing the tool or ignoring the obvious. Do what you can do to make it kinda sorta fit. And maybe that’s good enough. At least for now. But everyone knows it’s suboptimal at best and whilst you may be solving a problem today you’re creating another one tomorrow.

Not so much kicking the can down the road as putting it in your back pocket and carrying it with you every day. Trusting or hoping the peg or the hole will somehow sort themselves out or become an unnecessary fit before things chafe too much.

And/or … find the peg that actually fits the hole. Maybe not today, but soon.

Skippy strategy: People, tools, options, realities … fit the hole or don’t.