January 19, 2017

Stuck in place


Some things, you battle against every day. Not people, but internal processes that get in the way. Every. Damn. Time. If you could, you’d work around it to get things done quicker. Maybe you already have. Maybe, because of who you are or some special knowledge that comes with your position, you always do.

If that’s what it’s like for you, what about everyone else (including customers and suppliers) who have to fight the good fight without any of the inside tricks?

Most times, when systems block progress, there once was a good reason. Something happened way back when that put a process in place to stop it happening again, and then the world turned and everything changed. Except the process got stuck in place.

It’s still in the way, for no good reason.

So … fix it.

Skippy strategy: Fix it, so it works for all.