June 25, 2021

Sturdier ropes


When there’s a problem we all love a solution. Someone, maybe you, presents a way out of the issue and everyone, including you, jumps on it and puts the plan into action. Problem solved.

Thing is, there’s the problem and there’s the cause of the problem. Then there’s the solution and maybe there’s another solution to the deeper problem that could have given you a better outcome.

On the face of it, any solution is better than none and it’s difficult to argue with the logic in the moment – you’re in a hole, someone presents a ladder, you get out of the hole. But, whether it’s while you’re down there or after you’re out, whenever you have time to care about causes, dig a little deeper for greater understanding and turn around to maybe find some less obvious but sturdier ropes.

Skippy strategy: Problem solving is deeper than finding solutions.