January 11, 2020

Sunny or not


We form our opinions very quickly.

Meet someone under pressure, they behave like they behave when they’re under pressure.  That’s how you expect them to behave all the time. Maybe they do. Maybe not. You’ll find out when you see them under less strain – unless you don’t. Unless you ignore the evidence you find and continue with an opinion formed in the heat of some old battle. For better or worse.

Meet someone when they have it handled, that’s the person you expect next time around. You’ll find out if you see what you find. Maybe you do. Maybe not. For better or worse.

What you see is down to them. How you react, how you change your opinions, what you expect, what you assume, is down to you.

Forget what you expected, if it’s sunny or not, can you see it?

Skippy strategy: Deal with what proves to be true.