September 7, 2017



Trying something new, bringing new ideas and processes to your team or products to the world … there’s no sure thing as a sure thing. There’s always risk – and the the game it to work at an acceptable level or risk with as much understanding as possible.

Problem is, even though everybody – colleague, investor, manager, executive, customer, partner, you – understands it’s a risk, what they want is certainty anyway. So the real value is in sure-footed leaders. No one really expects leaders to draw a perfect picture and have all the answers. What they do want is a feeling that no matter what, despite set-backs and cul de sacs, you’ll find a way through the mountains and down to the valley beyond.

The desirable kind of certainty – always keep at it, out think the problems and bring the party home.

Skippy Strategy: Work with and hire sure-footed leaders.