January 31, 2016

Surprising and inevitable


So many times the answer is surprising and inevitable.

Writers and designers do it. The obvious plot-twist you didn’t see coming. The perfect logo. The strap-line that captures the whole idea. The product that looks odd but sits in your hand. Beautifully.

The work of a moment or a year.

Also surprising, inevitable – the clock.

Fifty two weeks.

Three-hundred and sixty-five days.

My first post on ShearingLayers, in March 2009, was only occasionally followed until February 1st 2015 when I made a firmer commitment. Since then, 365 posts have gone up in a year of daily blogging.

My best way to really understand something is to do it, think about it, organise it, write about it, learn from it. It helps the actual work, which is great. Surprising and inevitable; it opened another level of appreciation for the way other people think and do things. And that make it worth the go-around.

One year in the bag. Thanks for helping me think.

Skippy Strategy: Take the path.