July 11, 2019

Take it outside


Starting with the assumption that you’ll only get one shot, it’s wise to work every detail, to hone and perfect, to take as much time as it takes, to make sure all the pieces fit seamlessly and work beautifully.

Thing is … whilst that assumption is rarely the right place to start, a lot of us (most?) take the same course of action. We overthink and fail to get our work out there where it can a) make a difference, and b) have a difference made to it.

Starting with the almost sure-fire knowledge that you’ll get many-many shots, that you can listen and rework and try again tomorrow, is liberating.

It means … have a go.

It means, do what you can to get things in as much order as makes sense given how little you actually know, then take it out there and listen.

Skippy strategy: Soon, (today?) take it outside.