May 24, 2021

Take responsibility


The problem with blurred lines isn’t so much that one person may cross over into another’s responsibility, it’s that they probably won’t. If something needs doing but no one is sure who’s on point, it’s likely that no one will pick up the ball – for fear of stepping on toes or for the confusion they’ll cause if they get involved and someone else has already moved things on.

The easiest non fool-making solution is to stand back and see what happens. Maybe someone else will deal with the issue, make the decision, arrange the meeting, help out the colleague, carry the responsibility. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

The easiest practical solution, the one that will get most things done and cut through most confusion, is to get on with it anyway and let everyone know that’s what you’re doing. In other words, take responsibility.

Skippy strategy: Take responsibility.