July 12, 2020

Take the lead


In a negotiation, it’s more comfortable and easier to react. To wait for things to happen and then respond based on what you now know. A much more vulnerable place to be the one taking action, the one setting out the conditions. Sure, it gives you an element of control (which is good) but it also shows your hand (which, erm, shows your hand, and now everyone knows what you’re thinking).

So most of us like to wait. To let someone else take the lead. To come on the call, to go to the meeting … we’re here to listen.

Except. Except. Except. Yes, you have to listen, but there’s strength in knowing where you stand and letting everyone else react to that. Not aggressive, but confident. Not know everything, but know yourself.

Reality: most people, like you, like it when someone, like you, takes the lead.

Skippy strategy: Take the lead.