April 20, 2021

Talk well


There are times when we have to part ways. At the end of things. We’ve our bit, you’ve done your bit, but for one reason or another – a contract, a competitor, a new pasture – things have come to an end. Now you have a choice. Take it as an opportunity to part as the best of buddies, who’ll be there for each other again when the times comes, who’ll make introductions and remember to send good vibrations whenever the situation arises. Or let things slip away with acrimony, holding a grudge – what did we do wrong? – and leaving a bitter taste, or maybe, just as bad, indifference – because, ya know, why bother.

Every exit, like every introduction, is an opportunity. Every one who goes, employee or customer or partner or supplier, is going to talk about you after they leave. 

Skippy strategy: Give them reasons to talk well of you.