October 17, 2017

Teaching and baking


You have influence.

With it, you teach. Making things happen, breathing life into projects, initiating, shining a light, favouring initiatives, promoting positives and demoting negatives, nudging decisions and pushing to-do lists into action. It polishes your behaviours. Your influence makes others pay attention to how you behave, you actions, where you spend your efforts. It’s in everything you do – for better or worse.

What’s worse? When you model negatives, when you act in ways contrary to what you say, when you patronise or show contempt, when you show up late, when you wing it, when you ignore bad behaviours and accept flaccid efforts.

But you wouldn’t do that.

Would you? Would you?

You wouldn’t dismiss ideas without hearing them through, or let things slide, look the other way, favour your favourites. You wouldn’t teach that.

Skippy strategy: Every day you’re teaching and baking with what you do.