April 19, 2016

Technical rehearsal


Technology just works doesn’t it? You switch it on, the lights shine, it whirrs into life, and … bingo. All is good. And that happens every, single, time. You take it for granted. Doing the same thing, in the same way, get the same results.

Except maybe this time, in this place, with these people watching and these stakes on the table. Worth another check?

Before it’s … you know … critical, trust nothing.

Does the mike work? Check

The safety catch? Check.

That blue thing on the side? Oh! Yep.

Does the camera connect to the server to the cloud to the finger-bone to the mouse? Check.

Double check the technology when there’s time to breathe. Not when you’re about to climb up on stage.

Skippy strategy: Tech rehearsal then dress rehearsal then action.