July 9, 2019

Tell it straight


The difference between the people you want to work with and those you need to work with?

Whether you’re thinking about your next hire, choosing a supplier or partner, a lawyer, accountant, advisor, mentor, board member, or customer … the first category tell you things that you like to hear, they make promises, they encourage you, they make everything sound straightforward.

The second category might do all that, or they might not, but the differentiator that makes all the difference … they follow through on their commitments. They do what they say they’re going to do.

You may not like to hear the truth about the delivery date, the difficulties, the decision cycle, that you’ve asked the impossible – but the people you need to work with, will tell it straight.

Which means you’ll know. Which means you can react in good time.

Skippy strategy: Stick with those who tell the truth.