December 24, 2019

Thank them


People do amazing things. Your people do amazing things. Sometimes because you ask them, most times because they’re amazing people in the first place. Most times, they see what needs to be done, or that could be done, or that should be done, and they put themselves out so that it is done.

The upshot? Things are better because they got involved. Things are better because they took the time and the trouble. Because they saw what wasn’t obvious and did what wasn’t required.

And today … thank them.

Thank them for the things they did, for the actions they took, for the responsibilities they shouldered, for the care they applied, for the miles they went even before that extra one, and for that one too.

They may not know you know. What’s more important is that they know you know they care.

Skippy strategy: Take away the doubt – thank them to their face.