August 4, 2017

That complexity


It’s entirely likely that what you do is pretty complicated. Difficult to explain, adding value that isn’t obvious at first sight, involving masses of expertise that makes the difference between ok and good and great. And it can be tempting to imagine that all that detail and complexity is compelling. That you can educate them into it. That if they just understood everything about what you do, that they’d want it more and especially from you.

And the reality is … it doesn’t work like that.

In fact, unloading all that complexity works against you.

To be truly compelling … articulate the value without descending into complexity, focus on the customer rather than yourself, be prepared to talk in detail but don’t insist on it, make things simpler rather than complex.

The clearer your message, the easier they see the value.

Skippy strategy: Make their decision process easy.