November 24, 2018

That question


You know that question you ask people after you’ve asked all the questions you can think of? You know, the question you ask at interviews and sales calls and consulting gigs and every other time you do any kind of deep dive without knowing exactly what you’ll find? 

You know, What other question should I ask you?

That question.

Ask it of yourselves too.

With your team, when you’ve been digging through the weeds on an issue, when the exploration phase feels like it’s coming to an end – and whether you think you’re done or not. 

Rote fashion … What other question should we ask ourselves?

Ask the quiet ones who’ve mostly been listening. Ask the bold ones who never miss an opportunity to show their chops. Ask the person in the mirror in a moment of, um, reflection.

Skippy strategy: What other question should we ask ourselves?