October 10, 2020

That secret?


We all do it, but nobody likes dealing with an organisation that leaves them hanging. The kind of place that takes longer, looonnger, looooonnngerrrr, to deal with a simply enquiry or return a phone call than it takes to grow a lock-down’s bumper crop of tomatoes. Where you never get an answer, from where the goods arrive late and unannounced, and where the only thing that works properly is the perfectly polite receptionist who promises someone will get back to you soon.

How many times have we been just a little bit like that? Not responding, not being clear, not getting back, leaving the email … waiting.

It’s actually possible that the secret to business, to life, to getting on in the world can be summed up in three little words. A proxy for being one of the good guys. 

That secret? Return your calls.

Skippy strategy: Get back to them.