July 15, 2020

That’s your gut


Sometimes it’s obvious to you and everyone around you that you don’t want to do something. Maybe it’s a strategic shift, maybe it’s messy or just some dull old dog work. For whatever reason, it’s on your list – but you seem to find anything, everything more interesting and more pressing that this thing you’re against.

Sometimes though, it’s subtler. You have it on your list, it’s a contributor to a bigger plan that you’re on-board with, you have no known objections. Intellectually and philosophically it’s the right thing to do, but you’re struggling for the motivation to push it over the line.

That’s your gut getting in the way. That’s your unacknowledged tactical blocker putting itself between you and a job done well.

When that happens, it’s time to revisit the decision and work out what you haven’t yet worked out.

Skippy strategy: Listen when your gut gets in the way.