May 7, 2020

The actual facts


It sounds kinda ditzy when you say it, but we often find ourselves in places where people don’t want to know. Or, they know what they know and they don’t want to know any more.

They have a fixed view of the world, their world, and they won’t see or hear anything that doesn’t fit with their world view. About the long-standing member of the team who’s no longer pulling their weight. About their own position in the bottleneck. About their product that’s fallen behind or about the customers who are voting with their feet. About the numbers. About the behaviours. About anything that would force them to question the things on which they’ve built their beliefs.

Take a vow.

That isn’t me. That won’t be me.

Skippy strategy: Find people who’ll tell you how it is. Listen to them. Make decisions in the knowledge of the actual facts.