November 11, 2022

The back doors


There’s the system, and then there’s the seventeen ways around the system.

Most times, assuming the system is fit for purpose and makes sense in the first place, that’s the way to go. Follow the process, do it properly, and things will work the way they’re supposed to. That’s their point. Replicable processes that deliver the desired result.

So when the back doors?

When things are broken or messed up, or when you need an accelerator – one offs. And that’s ok. It was important, we did it. Move on. No biggie. 

Just make sure they’re not trained into a habit. Don’t make progress-by-exception your business-as-usual. Don’t make the system so dysfunctional that skirting around is the only way along. Because that way … he who shouts loudest … personal favours … hunting for a yes.

When exceptions aren’t exceptional … chaos.

Skippy strategy: Build good systems and (almost always) make sure they’re good to go.