August 4, 2021

The bedrock


There are many things you’re asked to deliver but there’s one thing that underpins them all. 

Without it, the good work gets lost and the reputation you spent so much anguish and effort to build, suffers, your brand is diminished, people stop trusting you, in fact, they stop asking you for important things and eventually stop asking you for anything they care about. When someone doesn’t offer it to you, or worse, when they promise it and fail to deliver, you turn aside. You hire people because you believe it, you fire them when you lose the faith. You and your customers hunt for new suppliers as soon as you stop expecting it as the bedrock of the the package you’re paying for.

Whatever you do, if you want to do more of it, the one thing you have to deliver: reliability.

Skippy strategy: Reputations are built on reliability (or its lack).