November 8, 2020

The best kind of fire


We all love to fight fires. Problems. Issues that bubble up, seemingly from nowhere, and need our immediate attention. We run to the pumps, take control, direct efforts and sort things out. We walk away, slightly exhilarated, knowing that we’ve added the kind of value today that only we can add. It’s great to be needed.

It’s better not to be.

The best kind of fire is the one that never start. The kind that used to overwhelm us before we put the processes in place and have now been designed out of the system. Or the other kind, that never get beyond the first spark, because they’re dealt with before they build, by the right people be in touch with the right information and having the authority to deal with potential flare-ups as soon as they see them.

Skippy strategy: It’s better not to be needed for firefighting.