October 16, 2018

The blame


It might make you feel better, or angrier, or vindicated to blame someone else. Maybe it’s even justified. Maybe it’s entirely in their court.

Thing is, their problem just became your problem. 

Not because you’re going to bail them out of whatever difficulty they’ve put themselves into, but because you need to deal with whatever difficulty you’ve just found for yourself.

Dealing with it might just mean hanging around until the blamee fixes things.

More likely, dealing with it means sorting out a bunch of down-stream dependencies – and nobody on that road wants to hear about who you’re blaming. They want to hear that you’re taking responsibility and what you’re doing about it.

Actual responsibility, and actual actions.

Nobody enjoys living with problems, but they all understand that bad stuff happens. 

Their relationship with you however, is now about what you do next.

Skippy strategy: Take responsibility. Take action.