February 12, 2017

The blockers


Such a beautiful plan. From here to there via that and that and that. D follows C follows B follows A – it’s the natural order of things. Downhill all the way. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, yeah … everything.

Round two. Risks, contingencies, much more attention to context and competitive manoeuvring. All the things out there that might get in the way. Much more robust. Measured. Conservative even. Defensible under questioning. We’ve got this. What could possible go wrong? Oh, yeah … us.

Inside the envelope there are always blockers. Structures built for yesterday that might not fit tomorrow. Someone not bought into the plan or teams not necessary for it. The gravity of suppliers, partners, customers wedded to the old way, pulling us back. Comfort with how we do things now. Inertia.

How are you going to deal with them?

Now you have a plan.

Skippy strategy: Deal with the blockers.