May 2, 2018

The climate


It’s possible, I suppose, that everything could go wrong. That each of the seventeen positives we’re expecting could turn south. That the sun will fail to come out and the days will be full of rain, relentlessly. So let’s keep something back for that day – it’s only prudent, right? It would be crazy not to at least consider, and hedge against a little, those rainy days.

The weather, huh! 

But what about the climate?

It would be crazier still to run scared, hiding from everything when the outlook looks clear (even with a whiff of ish). When all the indicators, when all the short medium and long range scans, when all the intelligence we can muster says, in the round, the climate is in a favourable swing.

So consider the rainy day, but make your plans based on the climate.

Skippy strategy: Plan on the climate, consider the weather.