October 21, 2016

The constant


There’s a lot to be said for luck. Given the choice (the chance), definitely worth having it along.

Then there’s timing, and team, and metaphysics, and IP, and differentiation, and magic, and the soup of ingredients that make for finding your way and the joy of progress.

There may be tempting looking short cuts and attractive sounding siren calls. There’s always some beautiful distractions.

Through it all, the constant is hard work.

It takes effort to pull the pieces together, to learn how they interact, to get them singing, to overcome difficulties, to out think the problems, to build momentum and be ready for when luck swings through the gate.

It’s a slog. It’s a push and a pull and a poke and a prod. Coffee and pizza. Endless loops on the plateau.

Then, with aching fingers, the breakthrough.

And tomorrow, more hard work.

Skippy strategy: The constant that delivers.