August 30, 2017

The dance


Don’t be surprised. Any time the exchange dissolves down to the base level, when people have a single quantifiable and shared metric against which to judge, money, the dance starts.

When you’re hiring, they’re incentivised to ask for more, you benefit when the number is smaller. So they start waltzing.

When you’re selling, they want the bang to buck ratio to be in their favour, time to shimmy.

When you’re buying, they want you to take more and to pay big for the privilege, tap shoes are tied tight.

The key isn’t to realise that they’re dancing, it’s that dancing is natural and expected.

Don’t come unlaced because they throw in a quick-step or shine a light on your ill-timed shuffle. Take it for what it is … no offence … they’re just doing their job.

A-one, two, three, four.

Skippy strategy: Not everything is personal, it’s probably just the dance.