November 14, 2022

The ecosystem resists


On one side … operations. You build expertise and processes around doing the thing right. Over time, it gets streamlined, efficient through repetition, embedded in the woodwork, built for consistency. Everything connect to it in a co-trusting network that cements it in place – systemically and culturally. This is how we do things around here.

On the other side … development. Along come the big ideas and new ways of thinking. You hire developers to build new things, leaders to go to new places, innovations to create new possibilities. Fluid. Each new system or person or process explicitly tries to break the existing operating model. 

And the ecosystem resists.

That’s the disconnect: two kinds of people with two world views – operational consistency meets developmental fluidity.

Reconnect them over the plan. Around the table with shared perspective and open objectives. Consistent in the direction of fluidity working towards consistency.

Skippy strategy: One shared view.