February 9, 2022

The experts


When you’re wrestling with something about your organisation – about how it works, about its structure or the integrations and hand-offs between teams – you can sit with your peers and pontificate around the whiteboard, talking about how it should be, how it should work, how it was set up in the first place and how it functioned at the start (or how maybe it didn’t and that how it got set up the way it is now … to deal with back-in-the-day problems).

That’ll be nice. You’ll all have a good chat and feel like you’re making progress. Right up to the point when someone says, what about …?, or, how would it be if …? And then you’re stuck, working with too much theory and not enough on-the-groundness.

Bring in the experts. The actual people who do the work – they’ll tell you what’s wrong.

Skippy strategy: When things don’t work, ask the experts.