September 14, 2016

The hard bit #4


You’ve invented and sold the thing, and delivered the value the customer was buying.

And now, the hardest job of all: repeat, repeat, repeat.

With products: keeping a handle on systems and quality makes it’s easy enough to knock out consistent products when they’re built with atoms. Henry Ford taught the secrets of production: consistent sourcing, consistent handling, consistent attention to detail.

With services – good people, well trained, consistent standards.

So the trick to repetition … consistency.

And that’s what’s so hard.

Your eye wanders. New things, shiny things, demanding customers, interesting challenges, fires to fight.

Consistency takes never-blinking focus. It means building and using controls that monitor and maintain. It takes constant contact, feeling the wind, hand guiding the tiller.

And that takes commitment.

The customer benefit: trusted, repeated, recommendable value.

Your benefit: growth.

Skippy strategy: Repeatable results mean freedom to build.


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