May 17, 2017

The job


There’s plenty about the job you like. Probably the hiring, running meetings, firefighting, some of the travel, having the authority to make decision, calling the shots, being in control of your time, setting the agenda, holding the vision. Loads of good stuff. It’s a great job.

But it comes with another side. One you don’t like so much. Whether its mundane, like administration, or mournful, like putting people out of a job – it comes with the territory.

Two kinds:

– Those you can outsource or delegate … and probably should.

– Those, because of who you are, you can duck, put off, dodge … and definitely shouldn’t.

The breaker – with limited time, always focus on the people.

Prioritise anything that’s about or affects people, do or outsource whatever else you like, and then give yourself the things you want to do.

Skippy strategy: Don’t dodge what only you should do.