January 9, 2020

The lines


Staying inside the guide rope is safer. Becoming accustomed to the way things are supposed to be. Low risk. You do the expected, obey the rules. Executed within known boundaries, projects are about process and dipping for the finish line.

Straying outside is … more interesting. Discovery, risk, meandering. It’s where ideas happen and adventures are run. You do what you want and sometimes bring home rubies.

We’re taught to be good little boys and girls and stay inside, but everyone loves it when we reappear with treasure.

So … both. Both are good. The game is knowing when to be on which side of the line.

The biggest danger, becoming comfortable stepping outside the lines you set yourself. Giving yourself a break, letting things slide, arriving late, missing deadlines, leaving commitments to wither.

The winners’ game: staying inside the lines you set yourself.

Skippy Strategy: Take risks, don’t make things risky.