May 6, 2020

The longer cut


Ever had that feeling that you’re running close to the edge? A short cut, an easy ride, a not quite completely. That if anyone looked too closely or asked too many questions you’d struggle to explain things with anything other than riddles?

Probably, (which is a bet), no one will look closely, nobody will ask those kinds of questions, and you’ll only struggle in those roll-around moments when you can’t sleep. Probably.

Sometimes though, hmmm. You know that if it comes back to bite you, whether it’s a small thing or big, the work will double and you’ll wish you found another way. The longer cut, the firmer ride, the absolutely nailed. You’ll end up doing it right anyway, which means twice the work and ten times the hassle.

Skippy strategy: When you get that feeling, listen to the little voice that comes with it, and do the right thing.