January 10, 2017

The mid line


Between the extremes, it’s safe, right? In the middle ground. Not too hot, not too cold, April 23rd. That’s the place to be. Nobody’s favourite exactly but somewhere between what A Types want and what B Types want – a happy medium. Vanilla.

The rationale of the mid line: you kinda-sorta-maybe fit somewhere within the bounds of possibility for most people. Customers, employees, investors – everyone has you on their radar. So the audience is wider and the risk lower.

The rationale of the edges: most people are reasonably happy with what they’ve already got. To win them over, to attract the best recruits, to motivate investors, to create customer-evangelists, you can’t offer something in the middle – you have to offer unreasonableness, skippiness.

You have to walk near the edge, take a risk, to get the best view.

Skippy strategy: Abandon the middle ground. Go for the edges.