January 13, 2021

The neck


When the bottleneck is the norm, there are two ways to deal with it.

Option easy: add capacity. Accept the neck is too damn small and do what it takes to open it out – which means more of the same, as in more machines, more people, more.

Option harder: remove the neck. Look out to see if the issue is more about outgrown systems and processes – because what was a good way of dealing with the old normal drip-drip-drip will never be smart in the new normal flood-flood-flood – or, just possibly, and we’re spitballing here, is of an outgrown skillset – where the person and their practices is no longer the right person with their practices.

In short, buy your way out of the short-term problem or smart your way out of it.

Or, just maybe, do a little bit of both.

Skippy strategy: Deal with the cause of the bottleneck?