October 9, 2016

The next stage


Sometimes if feels like you’ve done everything before, that the only things that’s changing is the date. That you’d like to get to the next stage if only you could work out how.

But it’s more of a what.

What is the next stage? What would it look like around here if we moved off the merry-go-round and gotten some place else? What is that place?

It’s a stumper. It’s much easier to moan about how things are than think about how you’d like them to be.

Oh. No. It’s not.

It’s as easy as … gathering your trusted colleagues, consulting your advisors, chewing the fat with your mentor.

And writing it down.

It looks like this. Vision.

We’ll get there like this. Strategy.

We’ll organise ourselves like this. Operations.

The next stage? It’s right there.

Skippy strategy: Every plan starts with the planning. Make the time.