June 1, 2018

The process


For every process in your business, there’s a tool to manage it. Something for purchasing and sales and hr and projects and access and safety and teamwork and finance and relationships and everything. And there’s something that links them all. People complain about them. They don’t do this and they don’t do that. They’re not as good as the old system, the new system, the system I saw at the trade show.

Listen below the surface. 

It’s not the system that’s broken. It’s the process. And if it’s not the process, it’s the use of the system. And if it’s not the use, it’s the behaviours. And if it’s not the behaviours (it’s always the behaviours). And that means, it’s the management. 

Which is where the bucking stops.

Manage the behaviours, get the usage of the system to run the process.

Skippy strategy: It always starts and ends with the people.